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Where does the name Rakattan come from?

In 1883, a massive force crashed into all areas around Indian Ocean. It was the eruption of the island Krakatoa, the first modern catastrophe, darkening the world in a whole 2 days. Volcano Danan & Perboewatan were destroyed.

Only Volcano Rakatta remains. It became the light that shine out the darkness. It is the spirit that we want to inherit.

We Are Rakattan.



Why do you need me to email you my project details?

Getting custom furniture should be easy. By providing us detailed information, we’re able to shrink the amount of ordering process time. All the information you provide to us is securely maintained and is kept strictly confidential.



I like seeing things in person. Can I come down to your showroom?

You can come to our workshop (by appointment). Besides seeing our craftsmen work their magic first-hand, you’ll be able to browse through our library of wood finish.